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Saturday, September 23, 2017
Making disciples that change their world.

Valley ECHO Newsletter

                  Reaping the essentials,
                  Reflecting the spiritual.

               Volume XVIII       Issue 9
                                       September 2017
 Here's One Big Reason Why You Should
        Be In Church Next Week
New Disciple U Classes Offered
For Kids – Most of our preschoolers and children know the 
name of Jesus, the stories about Him and the places in 
the Bible that mention Him.  But few of our kids 
(as with their parents) know that the work of Jesus 
(if not His name) is found throughout the Bible.  
In September our kids will begin a three year study 
called the Gospel Project that traces the hand of 
Jesus in every part of the Bible.  Parents will be able 
to join in the learning and teaching at home.
For Teens – In September our youth will study a 
new curriculum called Bible Study for Life.  Designed 
to help students gain wisdom, each study starts with 
real-life issues and connects students to God's Word 
for solutions.  The first studies up are The Dark Side 
and Choosing Christ-Centered Living in a Self-Centered 
World.  The variety of topics will ensure our youth 
will grow to be like Christ.
For Women – For the last several years our women 
have been studying the Bible using a variety of engaging 
resources.  That will not change in September.  
What will change is the time of the study.  Instead of 
meeting in the evening on Sundays, they will gather at 
9:30 AM along with the other discipleship classes. 
Currently they are seeing what the Bible has to say 
about emotions using the book Managing Our Moods.  
You are welcome to join in!
For Men and Women – A second class for adults is 
Explore the Bible.  This series takes the class through 
each of the books of the Bible.  Starting in September 
the books of Exodus and Leviticus will be studied, covering 
the life of Moses, the exodus from Egypt, the Ten Commandments 
the building of the Tabernacle and the institution of 
sacrifices.  This study shows why we need a New Testament.
For Other Men and Women – In September we are offering 
choices in our Bible studies and one of those alternatives is 
Jesus 101.  This class will look not only at the life of Christ 
but also where He was and what He was doing before He was 
born and after he ascended.  We will also look at His miracles, 
teaching, conflicts, death, return and more.
Discipleship Message Series
This summer and fall we are focusing on the three step 
effort we take in accomplishing our vision: Making Disciples 
that Change Their World – Win, Grow, Send.  We 
have just finished the Win (evangelism) and will now 
look at how we will Grow our disciples.  You will notice 
the desire of all our efforts is to be like Christ.  
Join us this month as we move closer to what God has 
intended for us.

Sept   3 Know It: Discovering the Information to Be 
        Like Christ
Sept 10 Believe It: Developing the Conviction to Be 
        Like Christ
Sept 17 Try It: Acquiring the Skills to Be Like Christ
Sept 24 Live It: Building the Character to Be Like 
Each September Baptist churches like Valley focus on 
doing missions right here in our own state.  We learn 
about what God is doing through our churches.  We pray 
for new churches, student work and disaster relief.  
We give towards a goal of $1125 to fund new ministries. 
And we will see how we can be missionaries in our own 
communities.  Prepare yourself to be challenged.

Don’t Forget…
Sept 10 – Potluck Dinner.  Once again we will enjoy the 
presence of both good food and good friends with our 
monthly potluck.  Bring enough food for your family plus one.  
Then bring a guest to help you eat.
Sept 17 – Business meeting.  At this meeting we will 
hear ministry reports, look at a By-Law proposal, 
elect leaders and review our financial status.
5 Counterintuitive Prayers for Parents
Most parents want their children to flourish as they 
grow into adults, but Christian parents also seek to 
raise children whose lives bring glory to Christ.  
As you seek blessings for your child, here are five 
counterintuitive prayers you can offer on their behalf.
Let my child honestly question the faith.  
In the 
Old Testament God encouraged parents to provide 
opportunities for their kids to ask why?  God knew 
this would be a chance to teach children about their 
faith.  If we are to love God with all our minds 
(Matt 22:37), we must pray that our kids will be 
curious and question the reasons for our beliefs and behaviors.
Allow my child to experience real need.  Parents 
want to give their kids the world.  But Proverbs 30:8-9 
tells of a man named Agur who asked God for 
neither poverty nor wealth.  He realized that 
getting all he wanted made him less dependent on God.  
Being in need drives us back to God for all our provisions.
May not all people speak well of my child.  
want our kids to have a good name defined by godly 
character.  But if a child is liked by all, it could 
be that he is a people pleaser, desiring popularity 
instead of being right.  Jesus said sometimes it’s 
a blessing to be cursed for His sake (Luke 6:22).
Prepare a hard life for my child.  
Jesus told a parable that indicated we live in a world
that is in opposition to Him…and us (Matt 7:13-14).  
The word He used to describe this world is difficult 
and that is if we are doing God’s will.  If it is 
hard for our kids to follow Jesus, it may be 
that they are obeying Him.
Grant my child dissatisfaction.  
A child with a broken toy is frustrated.  
A believing child in a broken world will also
be frustrated.  We want our kids to realize this
earth is not our final home. And though we
may soon leave this world we can make it better.
Taken from an article in Parent Life by Aaron Wilson.
From the Pastor's Heart
Within the course of a week our family has taken 
one son to college and begun buying supplies for 
the younger son’s last high school year.  At the 
same time the media is focusing on football and 
the weather has turned cooler.  Ah, it must be September!
Our family has rehearsed these rituals 
for at least 16 years and may run another 4.  
This time around maybe it would be well to 
learn something from the season.
Routines help.  Asking and checking if homework 
is done.  Making lunches the night before.  
Waking up at 5 am.  Piling into the car.  These 
rhythms make life easier by giving a sense of 
consistency.  We know what to expect. There 
are fewer surprises.  We’re ready for those 
that come.
But change is good.  It is not just our daily 
schedules that change for school.  September 
also means a change of nature.  Cooler and 
shorter days.  The turning of the leaves begin.  
And the gardens are played out.  Are we not 
fortunate that God included a change of seasons for us?
Football is fun.  Last year both our local 
(Middletown) and regional (Penn State) school 
teams did unexpectedly well in their leagues.  
That was fun not just for the players, but also 
for their communities.  Rooting together gives 
us all a common heartbeat.  And it’s OK to 
have fun on the weekends.
Growing is life-long.  We would be wrong if 
we assumed only kids and teens will be learning 
when schools open up.  Parents have a responsibility 
and drive to continue in their education as well.  
This September one will learn a new recipe.  
Another will access a new app on his phone.  
A mom will read of child development.  And a 
father will learn how to fix a car.  We are always learning.
So let me encourage you to learn in the spiritual 
realm as well.  In September VBC will offer 
several new Bible study classes and we will learn 
how to become like Jesus.  Open this newsletter 
and discover that this month is the perfect time 
to grow in your faith.  Regardless of you age, 
learning is a journey that will take the rest of 
your life.  You can get started this Sunday.  
Join us.