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Thursday, May 25, 2017
Making disciples that change their world.

Valley ECHO Newsletter


                  Reaping the essentials,
                  Reflecting the spiritual.

             Volume XVIII          Issue 5
                                   May 2017
     Mother’s Day Tea Party

On Mother’s Day May 14, our preschool and children’s 
Sunday School classes will host a tea party for their moms 
and grand-mothers at 9:30 am.  There will be games, 
a gift craft to make, tea and desserts and a host 
of memories for all involved.  The children will learn 
the Biblical value of serving others as they cater to 
their mothers and grandmothers.  Sign up in the entryway 
for this unique perspective on ministry to others.
   Songs that Touch and Teach
We usually think of the sermon as the time we learn the 
truths of the Bible at church.  But there is a more effective 
way of mastering the beliefs we hold dear – singing.  
We will put this truth to the test on Sunday, May 21 and 
you won’t want to miss out.  We have asked our attenders 
to share with us not only the titles of favorite Christian 
songs, but also the reason these songs hold such high value.  
Join us on the 21st for a most memorable time of worship.
       Speaking of Mom…

To the world you are a mother, but to your family 
you are the world.   

A mother understands what a child does not say.
                                         Jewish Proverb

Nothing is really lost until your mother can’t find it.

A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person 
to make leaning unnecessary.
                        Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Life doesn’t come with a manual.  It comes with a mother

Mom – a title just above queen.
Gleaned from

     Spring Hot Dog Roast

On May 28 we will gather in the afternoon for 
recreation (indoor and out), fellowship and a potluck 
dinner featuring hot dogs off the open fire.  We will 
open the church at 3 pm for those anxious for 
activities and conversation.  
We will eat at 5 pm.  The church will provide the hot 
dogs and buns and plastic ware.  We ask the church 
family to add the side dishes, drinks and desserts.  
Bring enough food for your family plus one.  You are 
also encouraged to invite someone to be your guest for 
the night is not over after the meal.  Read on…

  Brothers in Grace Concert
After our afternoon of fellowship and feasting we will 
join for an hour of worship at 7 pm as we host the 
Brothers in Grace gospel quartet.  This group has 
performed in the Mid-Atlantic States for close to 20 years 
and produced several albums.  Their southern gospel 
music will delight believers and draw the lost to Christ.  
You will want to get a seat early on for we expect a 
good response from our community.  There is no cost 
to attend, but a love offering will be received.
       For your Calendar
Ladies’ Bible Study – Our women began a study of II Corinthians 
using the book All Things New.  They meet Sunday 
evenings at 6 pm; it’s not too late to join in.
Business Meeting – We will meet on Sunday, May 21 at 5 pm 
to hear from our ministry leaders, check our finances 
and take action on any proposals.
Movie Night – On Friday, the 26th at 7 pm we will view 
Little Boy, the story of a young man who discovers the power of faith.

     Baby Bottle Blessing
Valley Baptist will again join other churches in Middletown 
to support our local Morningstar Pregnancy Center in 
saving the lives of the unborn.  On Mother’s Day you 
will be offered an empty 
baby bottle.  Take the bottle home and fill it with 
loose change and return your bottle on Father’s Day.  
You will not hear the voices of those you are saving, 
but God will smile on you.
Spiritual Conversations to Have with Your Child
We have all been exposed to or used behavior charts, 
giving rewards for good behavior, demerits for poor 
behavior.  They can do the trick at school, but at 
home you can do better by using behavior to talk about 
the gospel.  Here are some ideas to use with kids
Watch your first words.  After school don’t let your 
first comment be about behavior.  Instead, tell about 
your prayers for your child throughout the day.
Don’t tell your kids their behavior made God happy or sad.    
We make God happy by being found in Christ who gives us 
the desire and ability to obey.
Make the gospel the center of Bible stories.  Even heroes 
and heroines find the strength to do right by in help of 
Jesus.  We can’t do it on our own.
Tell your own testimony in an understandable way.  Let 
you kids know that you have messed us and needed Jesus’ 
forgiveness and help.
Give grace that defies the system.  How about going for 
ice cream when it wasn’t earned nor deserved.  When the 
kids ask why, tell them it’s like God’s grace
Adapted from an article from Parent Life magazine.
From the Pastor's Heart
May is of course the month of mothers.  At some point 
either on Mother’s Day, before it or after we should all 
talk about our mothers.  And we should do so with great 
gratitude, greater reverence and greatest joy.  Would you 
mind if I started the conversation now while my heart is 
full of memories of my mom?
I guess my father was like most in that he most often 
doled out the punishment at our house – most of it well deserved.  
After said punishment I would run to Mom and throw 
myself into her lap for consolation.  But one time Dad 
wasn’t around and Mom had to use the paint paddle.  
The paddle worked, I cried and flew off to find consolation with….  
I realized I was running away from my source of solace 
and I promptly turned around and flew back to her waiting 
arms.  Latter in life I found that God would do the same 
for me, giving grace when undeserved.
Mom was a church secretary for almost 30 years.  
She worked with several pastors and staff members.  
She also sang in the choir, kept the Sunday School records, 
taught the youth in what we called Church Training and 
chaperoned a couple of mission trips.  That’s a lot of time 
at church.
You could blame all that time spent at church on the four
boys she was also raising at home.  She had to get away 
from us.  Maybe, but Mom had early on felt the call to 
go to China as a missionary, but then the country closed.  
A friend suggested that Mom took all the energy she 
would have spent in China and used it serving in Kentucky.  
She showed me (and others) that our God was worth serving.
During college I appreciated the long talks Mom and I  
had when I was home from college.  Can’t remember a 
single topic of our conversations, but remember feeling 
so close to her.  No queries of grades, schedules nor 
finances.  She was willing to let me ramble on.
I figure I need to have those conversations with God, 
for I need to tell God that the mother He gave me did 
a wonderful job of showing me greatness and goodness 
of my Heavenly Father.