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Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Valley ECHO Newsletter


                  Reaping the essentials,
                  Reflecting the spiritual.

               Volume XVIII       Issue 6
                                       June 2017
      On June 18 bring the man of your life to 
       Valley Baptist to receive a special gift.
           Prayer Walking 
With the warmer and longer days many people will 
hit the streets for a season of walking.  As you walk 
the dog, get exercise or stroll with the kids, why 
not pray as well?
Prayer walking is unique in that you let your eyes 
direct your prayers.  See a tricycle?  Pray for the 
safety of the child that would ride it.  See a 
wheelchair ramp?  Pray for the strength or healing 
of the one with a disability.  See a basketball hoop?  
Pray for the teens in the house that will be tempted 
by drugs and peer pressure.  You will find dozens of 
reasons to pray for your neighbors.
Be sure to pick up a packet of 25 Prayer Notices 
that will let your neighbors know that someone is praying 
for them.  Our church number is on the Notice in case 
they would like for Valley to minister to them in prayer.
On Saturday, June 10 you are also invited to prayer walk 
the Lebanon Park where our mission team will minister 
this summer.  We will leave our church parking lot at 9:30 am, 
prayer walk at 10:00, eat lunch afterwards (Dutch treat) 
and return home by 1:00 pm. 
This month we welcome to our
church Dennis Combs and
Jeanie Moss.  They have served
with us for quite a while and 
we are glad to have them as a
part of our family.  Pray that 
God will use them both to 
further His Kingdom through 
our church.  And pray that we
will challenge, comfort, grow
and love them as family.
           All-Star Break
         Questions for God

This summer Pastor Jerry will take a break from his 
normal routine of Sunday messages by allowing others 
to provide the topics he will cover.  The “others” from 
whom he would like to hear are your unchurched and lost 
friends.  If given the chance, what question would they 
most want to ask God?  We will then deal with these 
issues on the summer Sundays.  So don’t be bashful.  
We want to hear from those who are NOT churched 
and NOT followers of Jesus.  If their questions are 
chosen then by all means invite them to hear what God 
has to say to them.  Have your friend’s question in 
by June 18. 

   For your Calendar

The Lord’s Supper will be observed on Sunday, June 4 
during our morning worship service.
Join us for a pot luck dinner after our June 11 worship.
Bring a little extra for guests, then bring a guest 
June 10 you are invited to prayer walk 
the Lebanon Park where our mission team will minister 
this summer.  We will leave our church parking lot at 9:30 am, 
prayer walk at 10:00, eat lunch afterwards (Dutch treat) 
and return home by 1:00 pm.

Speaking of Dad…
The most important thing a father can do for his 
children is to love their mother.              Theodore Hesburgh

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when 
a son gives to his father, both cry.              William Shakespeare

I try to live my life like my father lives his. He 
always takes care of everyone else first. He won't 
even start eating until he's sure everyone else in 
the family has started eating. Another thing: My 
dad never judges me by whether I win or lose.         Ben Roethlisberger

My father used to say it's never too late to do 
anything you wanted to do. And he said, 'You never 
know what you can accomplish until you try.'            Michael Jordan

My father believed in toughness, honesty, politeness 
and being on time. All very important lessons.           Roger Moore
3 Ways to Teach Our Kids to Honor their Dad
Listed as one of the Ten Commandments, honoring 
our father and mother is the first commandment in 
the Bible with a promise.  Yet for some, Father’s Day
is difficult.  No matter our family structure or 
dynamic, we cannot confuse what the Bible says 
about honor.
Our duty as parents is to teach our kids to honor 
their fathers.  Though respect is earned, honor is 
freely given.  Here are three ways you can teach 
your kids to honor Dad and make this Father’s Day 
extra special.
Help your kids create traditions with their dad.
Moms, if you’re looking for a way to honor your husband 
this Father’s Day, jump start an annual tradition for him 
and your kids around Father’s Day. Fishing trips, ball 
games, camping or even gifts that involve father and kids 
something that forms memories that last a lifetime.
Honor is caught, not taught.
Our kids do as we do, not as we say.  When we honor 
our spouse in front of our kids, it not only makes our kids 
feel safe, but we model for them what it means to show 
honor.  Wives, use Father’s Day as an opportunity to 
show your husband honor in front of your kids.  Praise 
him for leading well, doing house-work, disciplining the 
kids, providing for your family, or wrestling with the kids.  
Nothing motivates a man more than feeling honored by 
the woman he loves.

Help your kids to honor their Dad’s character.
Have your kids take the strength of your husband’s 
character and honor it.   Take a picture that displays 
his character trait with the kids. And frame it for him.  
Start a wall of honor showing how each year your kid’s 
father is shaping your children.  For dads, seeing their 
legacy alive in your home is truly a gift.
Adapted from an article in ParentLife magazine
From the Pastor's Heart
Though the calendar says summer doesn’t come until 
the 21st of June, Memorial Day, the end of school 
and arrival of June says otherwise.  I love this time 
of the year: working in the garden, doing yard work, 
tackling fix-up projects, watching my son’s baseball games 
and car washes.  Note that most of these items take 
place outside.  And God even gives us longer days in 
which to enjoy these chores!
Valley invites you to spend some time outside this summer 
as well.  Inside you will see an article on prayer walking 
your community.  God has placed you in your neighborhood 
for a reason and praying for those close by may very 
well be why you live where you live.  Read the article 
and take up the challenge of an easy but effective way 
to minister.
Another reason to be outside is that we will once again 
host a mission team from North Carolina in July (6-11).  
They will take the lead in ministry to the seniors at 
Interfaith apartments.  And they will help lead three 
Backyard Bible Clubs in our area in the evenings.  
They told me recently that they could lead another 
club if they had some help from our own people.  The 
mission team simply needs some folks to help with 
“crowd control” – registration, playing games, working 
and loving on the kids.  Let me know if you have an 
interest in helping out.
A final reason to be outside this summer is that’s 
where the people are.  Your neighbors will also be 
mowing their yards, washing their cars, watching ball 
games and taking their dogs for walks.  It is inevitable 
that you will bump into people you will know and 
some you will not.  Get to know these people.  
God placed you in the middle of your community for 
a reason.  Make it a goal to meet one new person 
each week.  That person may eventually become your 
friend, attend your church and accept your Savior 
as his/her own.
It’s not even summer yet and already our schedule 
is busy.  God has a full slate of “divine appointments” 
waiting for you.  Don’t miss out on a single one.