Valley Baptist Church
Monday, July 24, 2017
Making disciples that change their world.

Valley ECHO Newsletter

                  Reaping the essentials,
                  Reflecting the spiritual.

               Volume XVIII       Issue 7
                                       July 2017
            Our biggest kids event
           of the year takes place
        July 9-14, Sunday - Friday.
            See below for details.
      NC Mission Team Agenda: July 9-14

This year Valley will again host the Mt Sinai Baptist Church 
mission team from Shelby, NC.  They blessed us greatly 
last year and have chosen to work with us again.  Read 
the schedule below, mark your calendar and then be ready 
to help in every event.

Sunday – We will welcome the mission team in our Disciple U 
classes and will let them participate in our time of worship.  
We will then host the team with a pot luck dinner after 
the service.  We are expecting about 20 team members 
as our guests, so please bring extra.

Sunday through Thursday Evenings – From 6:30 – 8:00 pm 
the team will lead three Bible Clubs for kids in the following 
Rosedale Playground on Market St
Georgetown Rd Playground
The lot in the northeastern corner of 
Harbornton Place mobile home park. 
Through the week at the same time we will offer a 
Bible study for adults at VBC in our fellowship hall.
Friday – At 6 pm we will host a Family Night at Valley inviting 
the families who participated in the Bible Clubs.  We will 
provide a simple hot dog supper, play games and end with 
a devotion.  VBC families may also attend.

Monday through Thursday Mornings – The morning hours 
(10 – 11 am) will see the team ministering to the residents 
of Interfaith Apartments. Sequentially, the team will 
wash cars, lead a hymn sing, provide simple fix-up and 
cleaning tasks and then offer a craft class.
Monday through Thursday afternoon – After lunch the 
NC crew will travel to Lebanon to provide a Bible Club 
in an area which a church planter is hoping to start a church.
How you can help
1) Pray for good weather, good turnout, good teaching.
2) Participate in all the events open to Valley folks.
3) Donate lots of cookies, drink mix, plastic cups and 
napkins for the Bible Clubs’ refreshments.
 Summer Message Series
  How Jesus Won People

There is no greater task set before the church than 
to share the good news of Jesus.  There is no greater 
skill we need to acquire than to share the good news of 
Jesus.  And there is no greater joy we may possess 
than to share the good news of Jesus.  And this we will 
do this summer
Through six messages we will learn from the Master 
not just the how of sharing the good news but also the 
whys.  You won’t want to miss a single Sunday this summer.

July  2    The Life Jesus Desires for Us
July  9    The Love Jesus Demands from Us
July 16    How Jesus Initiated Relationships with the Lost
July 30    How Jesus Invested in the Lives of the Lost
Aug   6    How Jesus Inquired of Spiritual Conditions
Aug  13    How Jesus Invited the Lost into the Kingdom

And don’t forget…
Our second Sunday of the month (July 9th) potluck falls 
on the day in which we host a mission team.  So we ask 
this time around that you bring extra for our guests!
We will also engage in the administration of the church 
with a business meeting on July 16 at 5 pm.  In addition 
to ministry reports we will be voting on our leadership for 
the new organizational year.  
Women’s Ministry
With the coming of a new month, our women 
will begin a new study – on how to manage our moods.  
Using the book by the same title (Managing Your Moods 
by Mary Graham) our ladies will tackle anger, worries, 
fear boredom and a host of other emotions.  
“We battle with our rebelliousness and we can’t help but
try (and fail!) to control our own lives apart from God.  
It’s part of being human.  It’s part of being a woman!”  
Ladies, join in on Sundays at 6 pm.
Also for your calendar:
this summer’s Ladies’ Day Out will be Aug 26 at the
Giant Center with Joyce Meyer.  
Note this date with ink and invite a friend to join in.
It pays to worship.  But if you worship
because it pays, it isn’t worship.
Billy Sunday

You heard it here…
I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.
I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud 
of him.           Abraham Lincoln
I believe the essence of the Independence Day is missing. 
We celebrate it like any other holiday, which is wrong.  
We must celebrate independence every day, not just 
one day of the year.    Arin Paul
That which distinguishes this day from all others is 
that both orators and artillerymen shoot blank cartridges.  
                                 John Burroughs
Freedom is never given; it is won.
                                A Philip Randolph

Everything that’s really great and inspiring is created 
by one who can labor in freedom.      
                                Albert Einstein
From the Pastor's Heart
An article in the most recent edition of ParentLife 
highlights what teachers want their kids to do at home 
this summer.  There are 10 tasks and if you don’t 
mind I’ll try to boil them down for this column.
Unplug – Establish a time frame each day to NOT 
use any electronic device.  My sister-in-law limited 
screen time to two hours daily.  Encourage face-to-
face time…outside!
Maintain some sense of order – Establishing simple 
routines and a sense of structure will keep kids in 
an organized mindset.  Keep a consistent schedule.
Try something different –   Let your child choose a 
new activity, skill, or sport that there hasn’t been 
time for during the school year.  Find a quality 
program and sign up.
“Bore” down! – Sometimes, boredom is the gateway 
to creativity.  Include plenty of down time in your 
summer schedule so the creative juices have time to grow.
Require responsibility – Chores are good for kids.  
Summer is a great time to learn to cook, sew, do 
yard work, laundry or car maintenance.  This gives 
a child confidence and independence.
Keep Moving – Don’t let the relaxed schedule equal 
inactivity.  Play tag, go for a bike ride or clean 
the house together.  Exercise builds muscles and 
improves mood.
Serve – Let kids get involved in a service project or 
simple mission trip.  Begin locally then expand those 
horizons!  In serving, kids learn to be grateful for 
what they have.
Don’t forget the basics – Reading: with supervision, let 
the child choose the book.  Writing: use a journal or 
write stories.  Arithmetic: practice makes permanent, 
so make it fun.  Make facts into a song, turn candy 
into numbers.
Gain a new perspective – Travel either long or short.  
A change in scenery offers education and inspiration.  
Just be a kid – Childhood is short.  Allow your kids to 
take a break from ever-increasing responsibilities.
To be honest this article sounded good for 
kids and for adults, including the final task!  So look 
through the list and get your child on board, but also 
see how you could benefit from the advice of a few teachers.