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Thursday, November 23, 2017
Making disciples that change their world.

Valley ECHO Newsletter

                  Reapeating the essentials,
                  Reflecting the spiritual.

        Jerry Cowan, Pastor          November, 2017
        Volume XVIII                 Issue 11
 International Missions Emphasis

November is the month in which we focus on taking the gospel to the furthest reaches of the earth.  Each week we will highlight a different strategy that will make the Great Commission a reality.  (See the related article about the message series for this month.)  We will receive an offering for international missions with a goal of $3750.

Who in the World is Lottie Moon?

Lottie Moon of Virginia was called to the mission field at an early age.  She served in China for 40 years and grew to love those with whom she worked.  At one point a famine stretched over the land.  Lottie shared all the food she had with others and slowly starved herself.  Her colleagues put her on a ship for the US.  She died of malnutrition en route on Christmas Eve, 1912.  The international missions offering is named in her honor

Lottie Moon – You heard it here…

Surely there can be no greater joy than that of saving souls.  Lottie Moon

I have a firm conviction that I am immortal until my work is done.  Lottie Moon

I would I had a thousand lives that I might give them to ... China!  Lottie Moon

How many million more souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?  Lottie Moon


Send Message Series

Over the past several months we have focused on the three step effort we take in accomplishing our vision: Making Disciples that Change Their World – Win, Grow, Send.  How appropriate that the month in which we emphasize missions we hear from God’s Word on the issue of Send.   

Nov   5  Know: Making the Great Commission a Priority

Nov 12  Pray: Making the Great Commission Powerful

Nov 19  Give: Making the Great Commission Possible

Nov 26  Go: Making the Great Commission Personal

Dates for your calendar –

Nov 12 – Pot Luck.  We will celebrate the Thanksgiving season with a traditional turkey and side dishes meal.  The church will provide the turkey and gravy.  Partici-pants are asked to provide the salads, side dishes desserts and drinks.

Nov 12, 6 pm – Business Meeting.  During this meeting we will vote on some By-Law changes concerning deacon elections, discuss the proposed 2018 budget and receive our newest members.

Nov 19 – Lord’s Supper.  During our worship service we will observe the ordinance of Communion.  We encourage you to prepare for this ritual through the confession of sins and the humbling of your hearts.

Nov 19 – Called Business Meeting.  On this day we will vote by ballot for the adoption of our 2018 budget.  

Women’s Ministry New Study

Our Women’s Ministry Bible study is now meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.  On Nov 12 they will begin a new study The Fruit of the Spirit based on the book by the same title.

The promo says: All of us desire to exhibit these qualities in our lives. But what does it mean to “live by the Spirit”? The fruit of the Spirit is the result of the inner workings of God, but it is also a product of our response and understanding. It comes from obedience as well as dependence.

Hands–on Ideas for Thankful Living

Thru the senses- Let your child share with others using sight, taste, touch and smell and hearing.

  • Let your child paint a water color picture for a Thanksgiving card for an elderly neighbor.
  • A simple fall-scented candle makes a great gift.
  • Record a cheerful message from your child(ren) on your phone and text it to distant relatives.
  • Share homemade goodies with some international students who are “stuck alone” on campus.

Thru relationships – If you know of someone who is struggling with life, try some of these offerings.

  • Take some food to a friend or neighbor who recently lost his/her job.
  • Buy additional baby items (diapers, formula, clothes, etc) for a young family with a tight budget
  • Provide a free night of childcare for a family with young kids who are stretched financially.
  •  Invite a single adult from church or work to your home for a holiday mealtime.

Gleaned from an article by Dixie Walker in ParentLife.

From the Pastor's Heart - When we pray God works.

or several years I have used the November ECHO to comment on the unique photo that appeared on the cover for that month.  This year you will hear from David Platt, (the head of our International Mission Board) as he speaks about the prayers we will offer this season.

God has ordained our prayer as a means to accomplish His purpose in the world. We’ve got to be aware that our praying for boldness for missionaries is actually going to affect whether or not they have boldness. When we pray, God works.”

The following are 5 suggestions David Platt gives about our ministry of prayer for our 3500 international missionaries.

PRAY they would be confident to preach God’s Word—not just to do relief work or learn culture well, but to speak truth with boldness, no matter the circumstances.

PRAY the gospel would be clear through the missionaries’ lives and words and that God would open hearts.

PRAY missionaries will be at peace with other believers, that Satan would not have success in attacking families, friends and ministry partners.

PRAY for them to have joy when they suffer, kindness when they are slandered and patience when things are hard. Pray for God to help them persevere—fighting the battle for souls is hard, but it’s worth it.

PRAY God would give them success in sharing the gospel with others, that they would see disciples made and churches planted.

Have you ever sensed the critical nature (and privilege) of prayer in God’s Kingdom?  For some strange reason, God has bestowed His great power on lowly believers as we make simple requests to our heavenly Father.


You will receive a prayer guide on Sunday, Nov 12 that depicts seven places around the world where the good news is desperately needed and currently being seeded with the gospel.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change the world with your simple prayer.